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Silicon Coated Wire Wound Resistor with Radial Tags

Our company also offers Industrial Silicon Coated Wire Wound Resistor with Radial TagsSRR (Customer Specified Dimensions) having low operating temperatures. These are manufactured by using quality raw material in our well established manufacturing unit by our well experienced staff members.


  • Spot Welded Joints For Reliability
  • Low Temperature Coefficient
  • Exceptional Stability And Performance
  • Low Surface Temperature
  • Industrial And Professional Grade Available
  • Non-Inductive Type Available
  • Fixed Taps And Adjustable Tags Available
  • Custom Designed Resistor Assemblies Are Available On Request
  • Brackets Available For Horizontal as Well As Vertical Mounting.
  • Flame Proof Silicon Coating Available.


  • Ohmic Range:0.1E To 300K (Std. Resistances from E-24 Series. Other Resistances available on request)
  • Tolerance:Standard-5%. (1%, 2% Available On Request)
  • Power Ratings (Based on 40º C):5W To 600W (Higher wattage Available On Request)
  • Temperature Coefficient : Low Value – 0.21c±50ppm 0.1Ω to 9.1; Medium Value – 0.21cm; }±50ppm 10 to 910 ; High Value – }±150ppm 1K and above; other ppm available on request
  • Temperature Coefficient:300º C max at 40º C.
  • Derate at Zero:At 300º C for SRR series.
  • Overload:10 times the wattage applied for 5 seconds
  • Operating Temperature:-55º C to 200º C
  • Dielectric Voltage:Based on indicated creepage distance (k in table) from terminals to mounting bracket. 2 &2.5mm:500V; 4&5mm: 1000V; 6mm: 1200V (Higher on request).

Materials Used:

  • Core:Ceramic Core
  • Terminals:Brass Terminals (SS Terminals And Brass Screw Nut Terminal On Request)
  • Wire:Cu-Ni Or Ni-Cr Alloy
  • Coating:Silicon Varnish with heat conductive fillers (Flame Proof Silicone varnish on request).


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